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Building God's Kingdom Beyond the Four Walls

The Church Property Redevelopment (CPR) Committee was established on September 28, 2014.  Our mandate was to formulate a redevelopment plan for the three residential lots adjacent to the north of the VCBC building.  However, it was determined that one cannot redevelop the three houses without involving the main church building as the three houses are parts of the unified church property consisting of 7 lots.  Building on the three lots will require renovations made to the church building to conform to the current Vancouver city bylaws.


7474 Culloden St

Vancouver, BC

V5X 4K2, Canada

(604) 325-6314

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Since 2016, the Church Property Redevelopment (CPR) Committee explored the best way to upgrade the church building to accommodate the space requirements of our ever expanding ministries.  Due to the age and the original design of the church building, renovations along could not fulfill our ministries' needs.  Moreover, Renovations of the building require significant upgrades of the building to the meet the latest City Bylaws.  In consultation with the architect, Rositch Hemphill Architects, the CPR Committee is recommending the complete redevelopment of the 7 lots into a new building suitable for worship and other activities.

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